Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back on Chemo

Well the good news is that Kevin is no longer neutropenic (low WBC) and his platelets are back up! He is still having intermittent belly issues and but they have gotten way better.

So after a few days of holding his chemotherapy he restarted it two nights ago. That went AWFUL! Around 4 am he woke up and just puked his brains out. Last night he was just nauseous as heck - but kept the chemotherapy down. So hopefully tonight will bring a little less nauseas and some good rest for him.

Every stage of leukemia treatment has its challenges. Some days appear to be as bad as when he was getting IV chemo. One little pill can cause so much damage to a person... We are still waiting to get the results of his special test looking for leukemia cells. I am hopeful that I will have the results tomorrow. I am always nervous to call and get the results because our world could implode again.

Distraction is great - and this Leukemia fundraiser has become to mean so much to me. More than I thought... I can't tell you how badly I want to raise the $50,000. I want to make an IMPACT. I want to be able to donate this money to AML research. So - please keep spreading the word.

One fun way to participate in this fundraising campaign is actually coming to the Gala. This is the finale party that the Pfister on May 16th, 2015, from 5pm-10pm. The cocktail reception (black tie event) and silent auction will be a blast. I would love to share the evening with all of you!  It will be amazing. You can easily purchase tickets to this event on my page:

I recommend buying a table. The price tag is $2,000. This includes: 8 seats, a bottle of champagne, a Grand Finale Gala Program listing (you can list a company, person's name, whatever you would like to promote), and of course the knowledge that your generous donation is advancing the cure!


P.S. This picture makes me smile. Our family fits together so perfectly.

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